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Found 1 result

  1. .:MIST MILITARY POLICE FORCE:. Applications are now formally open! Please fill out the application given below then contact either the chief or deputy chief to proceed! Name: Level: (We ask that you be at least level 25-30, or show willingness to progress) Rank: Mastery/Mastery's: (This is to help us decide where to put you) TimeZone: Why you want to join: RP Background: (This could potentially help decide how serious you are on the line of duty) Note: After this procedure is completed and forms are filled, an interview will be held on Saturday from 1 PM EST-4 PM EST. Second Phase of the recruitments! To spice things up, there'll be Hunter-Games held on Sunday 2 PM EST that will test an officer PvP skills, this is a special occasion/bonus test and successfully passing this phase will result in a instant promotion in ranks in MMPF right after joining. More important information will be released/disclosed on the day of the event! Rules of the event: 1.) Participants only get one chance. Once they faint, they lose the round. 2.) No summonings. Pills/Oils and charms are allowed. 3.) The fights will be limited to only safe zones, once a participant tries to go to a danger zone, he will be disqualified. 4.) Hunters are only able to hunt twice in a single round, that means they are only able to kill two of the preys, once they have done so, they are to return to the event's host. 5.) Prey can only defend twice before they need to come back to host. 6.) There is only two rounds to the game(Reasons will be known on the event day). Chief: @Leiting Deputy Chief: @ExiledKasuti