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Found 8 results

  1. JunPachi

    The Current chat box is semi transparent and nice and all but I had a few suggestions that could possibly be added or may get some attention that the community would probably like. This is the current chat box and how it Currently is. Notice how is some what transparent but still a little dark. In the Options/Settings window you should be able to make the grey/black box that surround the text more transparent and when you hover your mouse over it it darkens back up to how it currently is. Why this change? When people are the top borders of a map and you're trying to look in the respected corner your chat box is in its hard to see. Being able to make it more transparent will give you a little more visibility without you having to disable your whole HUD. For this suggestion I had an idea to add a separate channel in the chat box area designated with a skull where you can view nothing but the bounties you have got from people you have killed. Often times people screenshot bounties due to some reward system set up with a specific Corps/Village or to gloat and boast about it in certain discords. This would make the Main "A" Channel where all chat is logged less cluttered and overfilled with things and make it easier to view the rewards you can get from the people you have killed. Again this is a suggestion but I hope it can be upvoted by the community and hopefully the gms! Leave a like and provide some feedback on your thoughts about it.
  2. ReubenNick

    Hey all, How did you find Nin-Online? I am just curious to know where everyone came from and what brought them to our community aside from the love for anime, Naruto to be exact. If you were referred here, please do mention the name of who posted the topic
  3. Delp

    Hello guys, since NCL started I had idea of ranked system ingame which would warp u to arena vs your opponent, count points, wins, loses and would have a ranked system simillar to League Of Legends or so with monthly rewards (idk). Because of that I created a simple concept image, I'm not professional UI/graphic designer but I put a lot of work in it. @Ueda Here u go. Fullscreen: Just window: Also thanks to @Bogdan for our talk on NCL discord. @Zoomy I picked u because orginal ss is from bounty book lol
  4. Ueda

    Frequently Asked Questions These have been asked too many times. Alpha Test Questions Where do I download the game? Do I need to have BYOND or some other program in order to play Nin Online? What content will be in the Early Alpha? What Jutsus will be in the Early Alpha? How many villages will be in the early alpha? What Clans will there be on release? If there is no clans How do I Uchiha? Does this mean that we are all genius or youth? I did not choose my Element/Chakra Nature on character customization, how do I choose this? What is the level cap for Early Alpha Test? If there is no content, why are you making a release? RP Questions Can I RP as a canon Naruto character? Is the game RP or PvP? So then... What is the game? General Questions How do I train my ninja in Nin Online? What is a Storyline Mission? How will clans work in Nin Online? How will ranks work in Nin Online? How will villages work in Nin Online? How will organizations work in Nin Online? Technical Questions Will Nin Online run on Mac/Linux?
  5. Dear Shinobi, Today, we are happy to celebrate the 1st year of development of Nin Online in it's current form! To celebrate, I've written out a short article in hopes of getting you to feel my joy. Back in the days Back in 2006, when I was just 12, I got really into the Naruto series. I thought to myself "how cool would it be to have an online game where you could be a ninja in this universe". This was way before I even knew what copyright laws were. I had set too high expectations for myself and started a community in which I could not satisfy, and I ended up disappointing them time and again. In 2009, I announced the end of the game's development. I knew I wouldn't have been able to finish the game with my abilities. I was 16 at that point. It's been 1 year since the day I opened Adobe Photoshop and re-envisioned the game of my dreams as it is today. On this day a year ago, I restarted the project which I had attempted to create as a kid, the game which back then I realized I was too incompetent to create, with the promise in one final email to my supporters that "I'll bring back the project one day, and make it work." A ray of hope With the knowledge and experience I had gained in the years following Nin Online's death, I decided to bring back the game. I didn't expect much, I set my targets low. I just wanted to make a simple RPing game as a tribute to the old times. I opened my usual design tools and started pixeling away at what would now be the basis of Nin Online's new visual style. Overwhelming support Then came everyone in this community. A large community of members flocked here and put their hopes in me and my new attempt. We managed to launch a great, successful first alpha test where hundreds of members logged in at once to explore the world developed by our team. An overwhelming amount of people with faith in our team have donated to the game to keep the project funded, allowing us to have conveniences such as a server to work with 24/7 and to commission artwork for the game. Helping hands from Eclipse community ensured the smoothness of the alpha, with people familiar with the engine providing us support in our time of need and offering support to the members of the forum as well! Determination This support from our community of course powered our determinations to create a great game and to continue to grow our vibrant community here on the forum and here we are a year later, with our developers working hard at creating content and features for the game and our moderators managing the community and all it's spunk. Words of thanks No words can express my gratitude, which goes out to all the long-standing members of the community, the ninjas here who have stayed with us since the start of the project. The whole team is thankful for your support, and we hope that you continue to do so for as long as it takes for us to create this game! Personally, I am moved by the enthusiasm that everyone has shown since day one. Your community and game There has been so many occasions in which the opinions and ideas of the community members has impacted the decisions made on the game itself, and as such, your criticism (though I make myself out to be a authoritarian leader) has shaped the game to what it is and will be in the years to come! Alpha Test 3 Now for the announcement you've all been anticipating. We are set to open the game world for testing again on the 31st July for all Gold/Silver Ninjas. This will be in a matter of weeks! There is a lot of new features and contents, and we've refined out base systems a lot, ironing out old bugs. However, as we anticipate new bugs and problems, we will be weeding it out to our biggest supporters, the Gold/Silver Ninjas before opening it to everyone. Once we've done substantial tests with this closed group and deemed the game stable enough for an open release, we will open the servers to everyone. I hope everyone is as excited as we are! Sincerely, Rory
  6. Hey everyone, I've decided to give some information on the system I have planned for things like the Chunin Exams. This is not a entirely new concept as I've heard of things like this in other MMORPGs. This system is called Roleplay Events (RPE) The system can be compared to a game of Dungeons & Dragons, where players will play out their character through the actual game rules, while it is being watched over, moderated and led by a Game Master. More information regarding RPE The player must have a Ninja Biography on the forum to qualify for a RPE. Examples of RPE are the Chunin Exams and Diplomacy by the Kage. Permanent death takes place during RPE. About Game Masters There are 2 kinds of Game Masters, which are the Head GM and Village GM aka. Village Elders. Head GM In charge of events and decisions being made that affects the game on a global scale, such as wars & diplomacy. A head GM will only be necessary once we have released Suna. Village GM In charge of internal affairs (of one village) such as giving ranks. He/she is answerable to the Head GM. About Kages Kages are players who appointed by leaders by the other players through elections. They are in charge of making small and large village decisions. Elections will be held once every 2 months or if a Kage has permadied. The players running for the election will need to be a player who is powerful and well respected by his fellow village ninjas. There will be some minimum requirements before a player can vote for a Kage, these are being registered atleast 2 weeks before the election date, and they have to be at least a level 10 Genin in-game. Kages will have the ability to change their village member's ranks & organization, but he is still a normal player. He is a figurehead, it is a role which comes with plenty of respect but is riddled by risks of permadeath. Kages which abuse power (their actions will be logged for Village GM to look through) will be removed, and banned. They may start a war with any village, but through the discretion of Village GM, who will stop any unreasonable decisions. Permadeath & Permadying Permadeath in Nin Online is not exactly the end for your character. Imagine it as a end for your indentity, but not your character. These permadeath cases will be rare, and only high ranking players will be at a very high risk for this. The system will effective kill your identity, your character will from then on be his own Kin, his son or daughter or a brother etc. as such name change will be required. His items will be passed down as well. As the perma dead characters die, their Kin becomes more willful, and embodies his dreams. Though the characters which permadie will be reset to level 1, they with slightly higher starting stats than a normal character depending on how powerful he used to be, characters who have perma died multiple times will hence be slightly more powerful. To make friendly diplomatic decisions such as forming alliances or settling/ending wars, player Kages must decide decide on a meeting place - preferably & traditionally within one of the villages as a symbol of trust. There, they will discuss and come to a decision which will be executed by the Head GM. How to Start Kages must request a meeting to the Head GM, and then choose a time & date agreeable by both parties and the Head GM. Travelling The travelling/escorting phase of this RPE goes like this.. [*]As this is a dangerous journey to go alone, the Kage should preferably stay away from fighting for himself. He is to find escorts from his most powerful ninja to accompany him for this journey (maximum of 7) [*]Kages may go about this any way they like, without escorts, or even request assistance from other villages to escort them. [*]If players not involved from the village are being annoying, they may be kicked or banned by the GM. [*]If the travelling Kage is killed on the way to the diplomatic meeting, this will be witnessed by the GM who will then determine based on whether any foul play was involved. [*]If the death was fair and it was a planned ambush on the Kage, he will face permanent death. [*]Escorts will not be at risk of Permanent death, but they will be at risk of losing their rank if they fail to protect their Kage. [*]Other players may attempt to overthrow the Kage by force. Assassinations are bound to be attempted. [*]Attempting to kill the Kage so that wars will be prolonged is also an option. [*]The Kages may choose to keep the details of the meeting secret or low profile or change the date and time if they feel it is suddenly too risky. Meeting phase The location chosen as the meeting place can be private. Thus, mostly no external threats will happen from this point on, unless it is badly guarded or planned. Decisions for the diplomacy must take place within the game chat, and both villages should have somebody documented what is said during the meeting. Once the meeting is over, and the decisions are made, Village GM and Head GM will make the necessary changes to alliances, wars, diplomacy. Players should report or announce the news/decisions on the forum. Eventually, there may be individuals or groups of players who want to be "Reporters" and run their own news section. I am all for this! The Kage may allow or forbid reporters at the meeting, and they are not to speak or ask questions unless permission is granted. Ending After decisions have been made and meeting has been called to an end by both Kages. The RPE is over and the Kages are no longer at risk of permadeath. Chunin Exams is a very important and core RPE. It will have a lot of permadeath risks. But at the discretion of the Head GM, if the Chunin Exams has been held poorly, he may decide to call the whole event off. How often is there a Chunin Exam? The Chunin exam will be held once or twice a month by the Kage and Village GMs. How to participate in the Exam? First, you will need to form a team of 3. You must register for the Chunin Exam on the forum, and your account must have made a minimum of 10 posts. Your character must at least be a level 20 Genin to join the exam. You will need to have a supervising Jounin during the event, unless one of the team members is above level 50. If one member of this team is not present on the day of the exam, a replacement is allowed. Registration fee of 10,000 Ryo per ninja in the team is required. The fee should be sponsored by the Jounin supervisor, or can be paid by the Genins themselves. Registration for the Exams will take place 1 week before the actual exam, and the teams applying should work together and practice fighting as a team before taking place in the exam! The exams consist of... Written Test 10 Minutes Not much to explain for this. Forest of Death 20 Minutes (No Permadeath, but Eliminations) Each team will be given a Heaven Scroll or Earth Scroll item which will drop when the player faints. Before they die, they may choose to simply run or surrender the item to the other team. Players may go about this however they like. Teams which fail this round, will be eliminated, hence half of the players or more will not make it past this stage. Once you have both scrolls, you must proceed to the finish point. If a team loses both their scrolls, they may still attempt to ambush other teams to get back the scrolls they need. Medical Ninja will be very important in this round. Preliminaries - 20min - 1hr Finals - 10 - 30min Both the Preliminaries and Finals will be held in different arenas. However, they will happen very similarly. Two ninjas will be pit against each other, they must fight until one surrenders or faints. High level Medical ninja must heal the player if he has fainted. If the player is not healed, he will perma dead. Only the 2 ninjas and the medical ninja will be allowed into the arena. Many possibilities are are available. Obstructing the player who has fainted from being healed is allowed within RPE. However, the player would be subjected to being banished from his village and/or be killed himself during the event. How does the player become a Chunin after the exam? All players who make it to the finals may be promoted. However, the Kage must make the final decision. He may choose any player that he would like to promote, and may hold back any player as well.
  7. Dear Ninja, I'd just like to reveal to your the prologue of Nin Online. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect for the in-game storyline and roleplay backstory. Brace yourselves! Prologue Two hundred years have passed since the 4th Shinobi World War, during which the world was saved from a threat to its existence. It is becoming harder for new leaders to honor the alliances made by their predecessors; the bonds formed during the war are becoming unstable and the peace between villages is beginning to grow questionable. Meanwhile, a copycat group who operate under the same name as the Akatsuki has come to light. Initially not viewed as a threat, the organization was allowed to establish itself before anyone could take notice of them. Their objectives are mysterious and their new leader is unknown. Mankind had made progress in changing age old-traditions of sealing the tailed beasts within power ninja. For years they have roamed the world freely and peacefully, but now have started to behave aggressively. The villages fear the beasts may be under someone's control, and are strengthening their defenses to protect their villages from the threat of destruction and the possibility of another war erupting in their time. Born into a generation which has known only peace and has never witnessed war, you start your journey as an academy student about to venture into the world of ninja. Responsibilities come with every decision you make. Will you become a force for peace and exact your justice, or will you descend into darkness and bring this world to an end? Hope you enjoy the quick read, more details on the history and what has happened between the end of the 4th Shinobi World War and the events of Nin Online will be revealed as we get closer to the beta! Regards, Rory
  8. Dear fellow Ninjas, Today marks the start of our very first community contest in an attempt to help make the Nin Online community a larger place. The goal of this contest is to motivate everyone to get the word out and inform other Naruto fans or anyone that enjoys playing games to join in and follow the progress of Nin Online as well as take part in forum discussions. This Referral contest will run from June 27th to July 14th. That's right, you've got a good deal of time to set your mark within the community as someone who helped with its growth. There are of course rules that must be followed or you will be disqualified from the contest. Please be sure to read through the following rules below in order to keep yourself from getting disqualified. [*]Only advertise on communities that allows advertisements. We would like to keep a decent reputation for our community and that includes respecting the rules of other communities. Please don't advertise if it is strictly against the rules on another forum. [*]The referral system has its own set of rules which is to check the IPs registered with each referral, you are under no circumstance allowed to create multiple accounts under the same IP because it just wont work. Any account caught using the same IP will be notified as well as the person who "referred" them about their disqualification. This will not result to a ban or forum punishment just to be clear. [*]Referred members are only counted if they are registered. This means it does not count if they just visit your referral link without registering. [*]Above all, remember this is not a war. Give people a reason to want to join our community instead of just "An awesome game being developed with nice graphics, join the community (link)". We will indeed look through how everyone was referred so make it awesome. How Do I Get A Referral Link? Getting a referral link is quite easy as you can see from the image above. All referral links can be located at the centered right side of the Nin-Online forums. Simply click in that box and copy the link in there. This link can then be posted wherever you intend to advertise or to whomever you wish to refer. Just below that you can see the current top five referrers. This will help you indicate the number you have to beat if you'd like to get your name on that list You can also manage your referrals by clicking on the "Manage Invitations" text located at the bottom right of the referral link section. On this page you can view all those you've referred and probably send them a thank you message for joining if you'd like, haha. What's Ours Is Yours! This simply means you are free to use any released image in the gallery or found on a development topic to advertise Nin-Online. Use what we've released to your advantage and be sure to mention what the image you use is showcasing. Keep In Mind Although we are allowing you to use any image provided having to do with Nin-Online, this does not mean you have the right to claim it as yours. These images are to be used only for advertisement purposes and nothing more. You have been warned now continue reading. Prizes! Now on to the good stuff.. PRIZES! What's a contest without a prize? Anyhow, lets start with in-game prizes. First Place [*]You will receive a special weapon in-game upon release. In the event of a wipe, it will be restored personally. This item is rightfully yours and will be named after you. Eg. Tsurugi no <Your Name> or <Your Name>nagi. [*]Gold Shinobi Badge for Life [*]Starter package Second Place [*]Gold Shinobi Badge for Life [*]Starter package This badge will indicate to the entire community that you successfully brought 50 or more new active members into our community. This prize is for any and everyone that can live up to its expectation and will continue to be a reward to anyone that can get 50 referrals even after the contest. Next up will be limited prizes. The closer we get to the release of Nin Online as well as the ending of this contest, we will be providing information on the limited packages and the first place option of one item from three choices. There will only be a first and second place prize. The option for a silver shinobi badge is always within grasp if you should want it. We hope to see a large amount of participants and many new community faces in the coming weeks. Rory and the entire development staff will be hard at work trying to provide decent development updates for everyone as well. Join us as we build a large community for a single purpose, to play a game worth playing. Go now shinobi, and bring back friends. I look forward to commanding a select few of you within my Anbu unit in the future. Good luck and a big welcome to all new members! Regards, AkatsukiNick