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Found 2 results

  1. Right now, official organizations does not feel like they are really meaningfull for the game. They are good content but their purposes is not well known. Without them, the game will stay more or less the same (the proof is that some organization like akatsuki, leaf and mist anbus are inactive). Their buff and exclusives outfit are the only reason players want to join them. In this topic, I will try to gives suggestion on how to make those organizations have a higher impact in the game overall. My main focus will be to use official organization to give more life in danger zones and integrate them into the game as a "side effect". Complete organization's missions to get buffs. Instead of having to pay 100 ryos for a buff, the members of those organization should do a mission that give a real purpose to their org. And once the mission is completed, they will receive the buff of their organization. (It would be better if the missions are in danger zone so they become more lively) For example: Puppet brigade mission's could be to collect 5 puppets strings or spider eggs (to go out of the village) or any Sand danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds Seven swordsmen could be: any mist danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds 12 guardians: Any leaf danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds Akatsuki: any villages danger zones map Camp Duty for X seconds Anbu: Any ennemies village danger zones map Camp Duty or Spy on kage offices for X seconds or even some kind of doc mission Of course those missions should not be completed with the help of alts (that's why there is no killing players or bounty missions involved) And to make this update work, all the previous organization buff should be deleted or exchanged for 100 ryos. So everyone can start from 0. Maybe that the new buffs could be worth more than 100 ryos since it will be harder to get them. Obviously better missions can be found/made. It is just an example to show how this could help danger zone activity. A limit of org mission per day. Maybe it could give some xp too since it is impossible to get help from alt lol Put (some) official organizations headquarter in danger zones. If it makes sense rp wise, more organizations headquarter should be in danger zone (like akatsuki) so the members have to give some activity in danger zone to have access to their missions (so their buff). It does not have to be far from their village. Puppet brigade could be around the puppet factory 7sm could be around the mist bounty house 12g could be hidden in chakra forest (the big forest in the leaf village). I believe that anbu HQ should be the only one to stay inside the village safe zone because they are supposed to be a secret. Basically, the main purpose of my suggestions is to integrate official organization in the game by giving them extra roles to play in danger zones compared to other players. The organizations missions that give them their buff as a rewards and their headquarter being in a danger zone is the only way I could find (for now) to force their members to go in danger zone for more than 5 minutes. I hope this suggestion helped in a way even if it is not added in game.
  2. Mizxry

    Even tho I've only be in Nin Online for about 3+ months I've seen some things about the offical orgs that stand out. 1. Inactivity- I feel like this has been talked about alot and doesnt need to be talked to in depth,I simply believe that wiping/ changing up Org Leaderships and Rosters can do alot to increase their presence. 2.RP- I think all Offical Orgs need to host more RP based events and even PvP events to show people they are there and to make things alot more interesting within a village. For example 12 Gaurdian/Puppet Brigade/Seven Swordsmen can host special events within their village to show people what they can become and strive to be. 3.Missions- I'm including this because I've seen it in other suggestions and I believe that it can help with the integration of these orgs and increase their presence within/around their respective villages. I've left akatsuki out of the past points but I believe it deserves it's own set of points as it's one of the only/ the only offical org thats not village affiliated which I believe makes them very important. 1. Akatsuki's Role- Akatsuki in my mind (and based off of naruto) has been a team of organised criminal who have a goal in mind and strike fear into their enemies, and I can say for certain that it doesnt hold up to that standard. They shouldn't be a secret org in my opinion as they are a group of know criminals but I'm straying from my topic. 2.Activity- I haven't seen the Akatsuki raid a village when people are active and I think that has really diminished their role within Nin Online. One solution to this can be adding mission within every village for them to complete. I could be steal documents which they can sell to enemy villages for ryo. I cant think of anymore mission right now but I'm the community has tons. 3.RP- Akatsuki like most other offical orgs arent very active for people to see. I once again cant go to indepth on it because I cant think of a solution for it but I would like anyone with one to comment below my siggestion. Thank you to all those who read this, I would love to here your ideas about my suggestions, sorry for any grammatical errors and I look forward to Nin Online's future.