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Found 5 results

  1. Roei

    Back in the day when I was still new to Nin online the very first thing that stood out to me is, well, the pixel art! up until than I wasn't really familiar with pixel art nor did I ever play a game with such esthetics. And so I was thrilled and tempted to start creating pixel art ,and that's how I first got into pixel art~! I started creating mostly hairstyles for the game, which I intended them to be in. I thought of posting those a long time ago to the public but I ended up sending it only did for a few people or keeping it to myself. I believe this was my first ever pixel art creation. created on January 30 2018 at 11:01 And I was really happy with the results back than. I wanted to add that into the game and so I contacted @Ueda about it and he said that "it looks too similar to 2 of the current hairstyles in-game and we're holding back on adding hairstyles at the moment because we have a little too many!" which really, he was right, they were too similar. Later on I also made Cosmetics, and I wanted to have an in-game goggles of naruto just like in the show! created on February 03 2018 at 12:02 I also Contacted @Ueda for this but he never really replied to it, later on they added a headwear item which is the Green goggles, which I really liked by the way, though I still don't know if my pixel art concept was the one to cause the addition of the green goggles. My first attempt to create a hairstyle obviously didn't make it to the game, But I still wanted to create hairstyle like it for the game, I also wanted to keep elements of the first attempt like the spikes and subtle flow! and I also noticed that In my first attempt I used the "old" colors which looked outdated, so I went on and used the "newer" colors (which are more purple!) and those are the results. ---> =====> created on February 15 2018 at 17:02 Those are a few points of my process, which I showed to some people and also @Ueda and @Sezu ,except for the Last one which I didn't show them (The one on the right). They were all kind and supportive in their response, which I deeply appreciate! More Cosmetics! And this time it's Zabuza bandage mask, and I was hoping to add this into the game too. created on May 16 2019 at 08:05 Though I never got to send it to someone, it was later on added to the game anyway. Moving on, I also created this! I really thought this could fit into the game, but I also ended up just showing it just to a few people. created on December 24 2018 at 20:12 Can you tell who it is? Looking back, really all I ever wanted is just to contribute, and that still stands to this day I'd like to contribute as much as I can whenever. If you liked some of my work let it me know! I might keep posting more of my work here. I'd love to hear what you guys think! Thank you again for reading this post, Fumma master out!
  2. Yousei Reiketsu

    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited December 19, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
  3. Kori Kohaku

    Korri Jakusha & Kori Kohaku

    I saw the sprite sheet that @Ueda submitted and decided to make both of my characters (in the oufits they will eventually have ig) Thanks for the Sprite sheet Rory
  4. Hishido

    Greetings, We're very aware that a lot of you have a big interest in pixel art, and as such a lot of you are drawing and posting on these forums. I think it's absolutely excellent that there's such a big interest in it, but I've also realized that a lot of people are drawing on a whim and, as such, aren't quite grasping the underlying concepts of drawing. As a result, I've opened this thread where existing staff of Nin Online can (if they want to) periodically post their own tutorials on certain concepts. Furthermore, I am also posting a list of 30 -EXCELLENT- pixel art tutorials for beginners. The List : If you're a new artist, I highly recommend going through some of the beginner tutorials before posting on the site. Some of the things I recommend working on are : - Color choice. This is probably (in my opinion) the most important decision to make before attempting to draw your icon. Pick a palette, choose colours that work well together, and draw from there. I'll probably post an entire palette tutorial in the near future, but go look through some of the other tutorials. Color choice can make or break your icon. - Perspective (NB - Go through this very thoroughly. Nin Online's perspective can be quite tricky for more complex icons, so make sure you understand the underlying structure before starting to draw). - Line Art (especially line breaks) - Shading (Need I say more? 99% of people can't shade properly. I recommend going through some physics theory on how light rays work and how they are naturally inclined to break and split over an object at different angles. There are excellent YouTube tutorials on this). - Proportions. Another big problem for artists - a single pixel out of place can make the difference between a skinny model and an obese sumo wrestler. Also, I see a lot of starting artists attempting to learn how to draw by immediately drawing human anatomy. Human anatomy is, perhaps, one of the most difficult things to master. It requires intimate knowledge of bone structure and muscle physics to be done even mildly well. I recommend starting by drawing normal shapes and experimenting with all the principles of drawing first. If you're comfortable with that, move on to drawing simple objects like fruit. After that, move on to animals, and then to humans. (Working on stuff like trees, lamp posts, etc... could work as well, but you won't be able to do that effectively until you can represent textures accurately.) NB : Experiment with texture depiction! The majority of pixel artists struggle very hard to represent texture, and it's a -big- problem. Another thing : Start by drawing still images. When you're comfortable with drawing that, you can move on to animation. I'll personally be making some tutorials on animation at some point in the future, as there are some basic principles that you need to know before even trying to start doing it. Good luck, and have fun drawing! Kind Regards, Hishido
  5. Hashira

    Post your own Pixel Art. This is just something I started out of boredom late last night and early this morning, I wouldn't call it finished though. I'm practicing the "true" 3/4ths perspective, so I gave my sides a slight slant and a lot of stuff more dimension and depth.