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Found 7 results

  1. Itachi Uchiha

    Hi there, the current profile fields are outdated (Sorry to make you feel old @Ueda) please change these fields from this: To this: - Discord (Maybe auto-fill if account is linked to Nin Discord) - Youtube - Steam - Twitter - Twitch - Facebook
  2. Adarya

    Hello! I've been creating this info graphics using the character creator art from my old post This go really well in your ninja bios, and I wanted to show them off to give some inspiration to other on how to custom their ninja bios a bit further! You can find out how to make your own custom character in my old post here:
  3. Ashido

    Working on beats, osts, artwork, and templates for profiles. PM if you're interested in transforming your profile for RP purposes. Here's a few links of profiles done. (Working on others atm but here's mine) Also debuting a self-proclaimed mixtape called KTD hope you enjoy the soundtrack on the page.
  4. Ashido

    What's up people of Nin, as you all know the current state of RP in this game is pretty settle but I'd like to change this and making use of having a Ninja Biography. Currently I've worked on only my own just so there's something to preset. The overall purpose of this post is to get more people involved and enjoy the experience of having their own characters brought to fruition by commissioning their characters. These are examples of what I have to offer. Thank you for reading. Profile Pictures - 10k Ryo or 10$ per commission Full Body Pictures - 20k ryo or 20$ per commission Cover Photos - 15k ryo or 15$ per commission Tabs and Logos - 5k Ryo or 5$ per commission Premium Package - 30k or 30$ (Includes a personal "Ninja Bio Template") Example: Name: Ashido Age: 22 Years Old Race: Human Tribe: Kingu Bloodline Limit: Unknown Profession: Martial Arts Birthplace: Kumogakure Affiliations: Kirigakure Team: Akiyama Occupation: Musician The Kingu Zoku (キング族, "King Tribe) Are a nomadic group of different clans who abandoned the Shinobi continent long ago, during the formation of the Hidden Village System. They moved far south to the Dense Darkness Continent, A continental landmass with strange endemic species and various extreme micro-climates. It is filled to the brim with monstrous beasts, including the Wyvern. The inhabitants of this landmass utilize their unique physiology to combat these beasts. This lifestyle shows us that most of the tribe are not shinobi but hunters. The few who do remain in the shinobi continent, maintain close ties with their homeland, becoming not shinobi but Senshinin (戦士忍, "Warrior Ninja") Notable Features - Standing roughly five foot ten inches, Ashido appears to be your average sized human being. Depicted as a man in his early twenty's, his simplistic wardrobe and experienced yet fundamental practices establishes his skill as an exceptional brawler. Varied by his bronzed skin, buzzcut-wool like hair, and umber eyes, he is casually seen wearing his Off-White Bandit fit, Utility Vest, and Black Turtle Neck. A huge reader he's always carrying a few scrolls just incase he becomes inspired to write something formally and or useful to his village, he's also a poet. Documents recorded from his travels have shown this shinobi to be very seasoned in many arts of fighting. Known to have a deep voice albeit for his ability to sing, his overall nature is as perplexed as an samurai; showing appreciation for mannerisms and a sense of responsibility. Lastly villagers have noted the male to have a philosophical air about him, standing near him you'd feel a warming similar to that of the sun, accompanied by an gentle yet winding atmosphere.
  5. Seth

    Introduction One of our breaking changes we are trying to push in Alpha 3 is the ability to share your profile song with your friends in-game. You can change your profile song then send it immediately to anyone in-game, all they have to do is simply press accept to listen to it in the client. There are many other features like this we are planning to add into the game, but we want to know your opinion on a few details. Details We need to know how the community feels about their profile song being available to anyone who simply right clicks their character, and this means anyone can listen to it, but if someone wants to share it with you, you must accept it before it will play. The other idea we have is a way for people to create their own profile songs by requesting them from our composer @Afilion, would people be willing to spend money on this service if it was offered? We're all volunteers here, and it is always nice to help out the developers who contribute to the game freely. This makes our time here more valuable since it both helps our expenses and offers more services to our community. Conclusion This is a new idea I had, so it may change, but we thank everyone for their opinions and concerns with it. We will keep this open for a couple weeks to determine the direction for this before it is fully implemented.
  6. Light

    Well what do you think guys?? Made this one in around 20minutes.. Gotta add some pointless stuff there later on when I've more time^^
  7. Probably stupid question, I've searched left and right and dun seem time find it.. Any help?