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Found 3 results

  1. Rikuo Uchiha

    so you guys know how if u do /t while ur in a team you can speak directly to your team or if you do /v while your in village aivery u can speak to your entire village? i was wondering it would be nice if you could do /o to speak to ur org this would make hunting better for rogue orgs especially since we can only get like 4 people on squad this way u could speak to everyone in your org thats online
  2. Mizxry

    Hello Bois, as we all know there are three ways to leave your village: 1) Have your Kage exile you. 2) Have an MPF (Military Police Force) member jail you and escape from jail. 3) Kill someone from your own village in a DZ three times. My Idea I've always thought that you should have an option to go rogue on your own with out the use/assistance of others. Being able to destroy your headband is a great way to leave on your own and it could bring some fresh scenarios for RP. To avoid "Accidents" To try and prevent anyone from "accidentally" destroying their headband there can be a confirmation choice before destroying it. How pardoning works To return to the village the rogue simply has to get pardoned then either go for another headband and stay without one. People who dont have headbands wont be affected to begin with of course. Additions to the idea I dont think it's needed but a village message can also be added when someone goes rogue by destroying their headband. "Mizxry has foresaken his village" "Mizxry has foresaken his village" "Mizxry has foresaken his village" If anyone has any extra ideas/ criticism for this topic make sure to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
  3. Angelik Date

    Hey everyone! I thought about making this post because I've noticed something quite unfair when it comes to missions. On level 60 as a rogue it's not possible to make any passive money by doing missions. Only mission you're able to earn some money from is CBK (cold blooded killer) where you kill 14 ninjas and you are awarded only 140 Ryo. I honestly believe for killing 14 ninjas we should be awarded with way more Ryo. If the award was upwards to 500 Ryo it'd be way more worth doing as a high level. The main reason why I'm pointing this out is because villagers are able to afk for 30 minutes and get 300 ryo just like that, while CBK takes way longer and is least rewarding. We are rogues after all and part of our rp is being criminals and kill innocent villagers in danger zones.