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Found 2 results

  1. So um where do i start.... So i was alone ahem... doing God knows what when i got the idea of a boss, i was thinking to myself how the land of wind has no Bosses as opposed to the land of waters Kraken and the numerous bosses located on the outskirts of Konoha. So i thought to myself why not create the concept of a sand boss called the scarab king, sounded like a cool idea then i spoke to a friend and they said why not a sandworm, then i was like ohhhh shi..... So i went to the only artist i knew @Fuze and tasked him with the arduous task of Creating this Sandworm, he told me he only did pixel art of clothing items but he said he'd give a shot at sketching our Sand demon. We used this for the base of our vision of what we wanted him to look like, i wanted him to make seigi members wet themselves . I was surprised at how good fuze's sketches were, the fact that this was the same person who told me he drew clothes i never believed it was him, it was maybe that monster energy he drank B4 starting The first sketch alone impressed me, but we felt it could be more. So fuze added some appendages for melee Capabilities and i told him to add back spikes petruding from the creature like an. exo-skeleton of sorts. After asking a few ppl there opinions we decided to shrink the appendages as they made it look more like an insect. Next i needed an origin story for this Beast. ORIGIN A mist ninja doing the samurai drink mission was Crossing the border between the lands of fire and wind when he was attacked and subsequently killed by a Group of hungry tunnelers, one of the creatures consumed the beverage and as a result had it's offensive and Defensive Capabilities increased 10 fold being augmented he was ostracized (outcast) by the rest of his kind Living deep withing the Big Scarab Cave where he lay Dormant in the moist aquifers waiting for a Strong enough opponent to end his suffering Sound dumb as hell ik XD but it's the best i got. Moveset So i was talking to ma boi @Kyreno about the moveset, So like every Boss mob of course it'll have that lethal flicker lol, we talked about a possible attack where it drills the target from underground this should do high damage imo, we also talked about it causing a Quicksand sort of effect that stuns whatever is in it's radius or maybe causes slow. It could also summon other tunnelers or maybe Big scarabs, that or give it a hella large amount of fort. I was thinking of making it kraken tier like the dumbass i am but we agreed on manda tier. The same requirements for manda and kumorui will apply tho this boss as well. Maybe this could be a mission, sounds fun to gather some friends and vanquish the sand Demon. No drop ideas sorry T^T Then again, this is only a concept so of course i don't expect much from it. Credits: @Fuze For the sketches @Kyreno For the moveset, this man really wants a challenging boss xD @Azhura For the moral support @Tifa For the worm idea Stay tuned for part 2, if it ever happens
  2. ana primal

    Welcome and good job to all who enter won or lost in the ce as a gift to all players of sand I will host a event on the 7.03 (next week) the event will have 4 stages and will have 5 winners only. This ever is most like 95% rp based so don’t worry (if you have bad ping ) for the event I suggest to bring many tools beyond that bring pancakes i love pancakes . Now to the entering part of the event not ever body can enter to enter will have a special requirement and that is village contribution points you will need to have over 100 points in total to do that o to mission room in sand kage office and talk to mission giver Midori and press contribution there you will see your points send pls those screenshot to me on my discord primal#1992 so you may enter or post it in this forum post . That would be all good luck and i hope to see you there. to all who dont know how to check go to Midori and press contribution THIS ARE THE POINTS YOU NEED TO TAKE THE SCREEN SHOT AND SEND IT