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Found 3 results

  1. Most mission in this game is based on sneaking into the enemy village which needs intellect stats so you can cloak and are hard but doable if you have enough int For Example you can do it with ease with a build like this but if you are playing any str char or agility/chakra you are not able to do these sneaky mission you can't do it if you have a build like this I think you should get mission depending on what stats you have rather than just getting them at a random. For example, if you don't have high int you should not get a mission that requires you to sneak in but rather a mission in which you need to fight like waging war.
  2. scurooo

    Hello, i just start and i want to know what is the best stats i need to add for the beginning of the game?
  3. shadowdark

    So i know that if you consume a blood pill that your health goes up But i dont know if there are any foods/consumebles that can regenerate health so if there are you can leave a answer!