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Found 8 results

  1. ana primal

    Hi i like to offer some suggestion on for the future of nin so here we go : SMALL SUGGESTIONS : 1. sand puppets: rework: as many pointed out the puppet summons suck so to fix that i suggest to add lv to lv up a puppet you need to collect 100 piece( random ) of puppets in puppet factory ther lv can be 1 /2 /3 this way the end puppet can do all more damage let say 60 and cast 1 more jutsu per lv up .Also it be nice since it a puppet ot be able to control it with a extra hotbar for it where you click the jutsu you want them to spam and control there targets . 2 .new pve content : i like that this mmorpg game is a open world pvp but some time i wanna relax and grind and as many grinders said before being kill while farming bosses sucks so i think in land of iron the bosses should be like the toad boss you enter alone or with a group ever 30 min timer and nobody to bother you and so should the mobs around it right now dz are ok active to a point solo hunting is mostly death but group hunting is done well and i the dz are active enough some pve ONLY content is need .We have already to much pve and pvp content connected i think this would show some love to the grinders and pve and farmers of this game. 3. wz bosses rework: first the monkey and weasel boss should lose the selfheal ability(not sure if monkey has it ) it just hardcore to solo it or make it heal like players after not being hit for a time second. i suggest to add a super rare drop that is better then the weapon drop that is summon contract the summon would look like the boss and do 10 damage more the monkey one can be used by all the weasel one can b used by sandies and rogues . 4. new swords : i like to be able to farm mob not just bosses so in land or iron i make it so we can buy a normal katana sword (not wooden ) and farm modes and collect orbs or any stuff then with those orbs left say 100 orb we can buy buff to the sword and upgrade it over time and make different elemental sword like 100 orb for lighting core/fire core/water core/wind core /earth core medic core. all sword would have a 20 % chance effect the lighting one to do a 0.5 sec stun,the fire one a burn effect, water one has chance to regen chakra while walking on water ever 30 sec (50% chance ), earth sword has a slow effect ,wind one has a bleed effect ,medic one a poison effect and tai /gf one a knockback effect. the stats of the sword dont change just the ability can be added. 5. kraken rework i think the tentacles should drop kraken shell part (10 to 15 % chance for drop) and if you collect 200 to 250 you can make the new sword . why i suggest this is because i think have more ways to get a item help rather then to kill boss for 2 hour log off and od again . BIG BOI TIME SUGGESTIONS: 1. wz event new map: first i like to say most dz fights get boring if we fight in the same maps war event somewhat too so my suggestion is a new huge map with 2 castles at the ends of the maps with a huge forest in between and a river .The key would be to get the enemy scroll at there castle and get it pass the bridge near the middle where the river is the key would be 2 teams of each village on defend other hunting . the forest will be filled with traps for the enemy ninjas entering so if leaf has the left side the traps wont effect the leaf on the left side but they will on the right. The castle will be trapped by the players themself . Now the big change limited numbers of players the best will be pick if 15 leafies fight on the left side only 15 sandies can join the number that the lowest team has will be used to as the max limit to make the fight more balanced. The castle can be a camp it up to the devs to chose . 2. fps lock and eu server . Now in a post i read not so long ago that for the love of pancakes i cant find i saw rory say the english speaking server is needed but i disagree most eu player deserve and should have a eu server for us .Most eu player can speak and understand english very well and most of them are polish/blakans/french/german rather then uk players so a eu server would make the game more balanced we should not ask why not but how to start finding the perfect place and host for such a server . Because right now it insulting saying it ok for the brazillian players to have there server while most of the games player base is american and eu and the usa player have huge benefits the usa player like canadian have so much better ping that in the fact nin is for most eu player a pay to play game and you pay to pingzapper/exitlag and other company that offer those ways for ppl to be able to play at all i think those company made more money on the eu players then rory ever could and it feel insulting that the huge if not 60 % i say of the player base cant get any kind of respect or even a server . With a eu server the eu player will all have same ping the na player who stay at there server will to and so do the brazilian players it would make the game more balanced for most ppl yes 3 servers mean less players on one server but have 100 players on each server isnt bad and with wa eu server more eu player will return. Talking about balance we all have our opinions about what masteries are and arent balanced but i think this is false since nobody plays on the same ping and fps , and that brings me to the next point fps lock to 55 to 60 fps still to this day on the old laggy server fps didnt matter but now it a nightmare i cant catch a 144 fps player with same or similar ping with my 60 fps and a lv 40 player can still keep up with me but he wont see the 144 fps for long before he is out of his sigh i think locking the fps to 55/60 FOR ALL PLAYER offer truly more balance .This would also make it truly more skill and mastery depended and then when we all play similar in speed and ping (if eu server ) we can talk about mastery balances .
  2. Tynsu

    So I was wondering if a weapon for hybrid builds that can be added. Like the weapon can scale with int and str while also having high int and strength requirements. The weapons will also have on hit effects for example fire has burn, med has poison, wind has bleed, and etc.
  3. Itachi Uchiha

    Please add 5 training dummies that allow a ninja to level jutsu to each village's training areas. Sand: Southern desert entrance Leaf: Training grounds (In place of the wooden poles that serve no purpose other than to hide behind during spars) Mist: Temple map? Not sure on this one. In addition to dummies actually giving jutsu experience, perhaps give extra experience points for using a dummy? You are sacrificing the benefit of mobs since you won't get loot, so maybe a reason to use it would be slightly faster leveling.
  4. This is a Summary of the first Military Police Summit. With Mist Military Police Force, Leaf Military Police Force and Sand Military Police Force in Attendance. The initial idea of the Summit was to bring forward ideas to improve the current Military Police Force Organizations. I will list all of the Suggestions that were presented during the Summit as well was the Solutions that were agreed upon or the conclusion to the talks. Topic 1: Genin are unable to use the Jail Jutsu. After a lengthy discussion and multiple suggestions being presented. All 3 Chiefs agreed it would be best to place the Jail Jutsu based on Title in the Organization instead of Rank in the Village. Chief, Deputy Chief and Captain ranks should be able to use Jail Jutsu regardless of Village Rank. Topic 2: Lack of Buff for the Organization. A lot of good ideas were presented here as well. Arm band with a buff, Badge with a buff, Adding a buff onto the clothing all came up. But Ultimately all 3 Chiefs agreed a passive buff in the Village Territory should be applied. Leaf's Territory is everywhere around the Village down to Dark Bridge. Sand's Territory is everywhere around the village until Katabami Bridge. Mist's Territory is everywhere on the island until Land of Water Port. Topic 3: Additional Item/Jutsu. The Mist Chief Kyoho suggested a Tazer or Baton, or a restraining Jutsu. Sand Chief and Leaf Chief shut the idea down and Disagreed to it. The consensus was that the Jail Jutsu is fine as it is. However it would be nice if the Jail Jutsu unmasked people and the Prisoner could not put a mask on while Jailed. Topic 4: Accountability and Record Keeping. The Suggestion presented was to allow the board in the Military Police Office Building to be intractable, To be permanent records for Military Police Members to be able to access. The board will be record of everyone Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned, and who Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned Them (Including if they escaped Jail). When someone is Jailed, or escapes Jail an Announcement would appear. Similar to Zoomy was Jailed by Pyrox or Pyrox Escaped Jail and Left the Village. This will stop Military Police Force members from being able to abuse, and they can keep a record of who was made rogue or brought back into the Village. X was Exiled By (Kage) X was Pardened by (Kage) X was Jailed by (Police Force Member) X Escaped from Prison and Left the Village Jail logs and the announcement should also ignore masks for the sake of Record Keeping and Police clarity. Topic 5: Redesign of Police Uniform. All 3 Police Chiefs agreed this needs to happen. A lot of great ideas were thrown around but the main Solution was to have a Male version with full Pants, and a Female version with a skirt. The colors for all the villages should be changed to: Dark Blue for Leaf Males Pink for Leaf Females Brown for Sand Males Red for Sand Females Light Blue for Mist Males Dark Purple for Mist Females Topic 6: Build in Payment / Salary System. Leaf Village and Sand Village both already had their own payment system within their Organization. Mist suggested a Daily Mission where they Patrol their Village for 100 Ryo, However the Summit had gone on for awhile, and it was agreed to talk about a solution to this another time. If anyone would like to add to this, or give more suggestions please feel free to add a comment on this subject. Thank you all, to all the Military Police Members who attended the Summit. I'm glad that all 3 Police Forces were able to Discuss these issues and I hope we can continue to work together to make the Organization have more meaning.
  5. Hey, I think the Police force Orgs need a little more help in game so they can do what they are supposed to do. Police Records: Military Police should be able to access a log of all the Exiles, Pardons and Jailbreaks so that the police members are able to keep up to date with what the Kage has done, as well as who has escaped prison. Jail Log: When someone is sent to jail their name should be added to a log, this will help the police forces keep track of masked village members who they have jailed (So if they leave the village by escaping jail the police force and the kage are aware of their crimes A possible Discord bot to automatically update Exiles, Pardons and imprisonment to the org Discords. (for each separate village) This is a quick rendition of the suggestions. Obviously it depends on what is possible in the coding and if time can be allocated to something like this for an org. If anyone has further suggestions, or comments add them to this thread!
  6. welcome nin players online to my post, this is a new section that opened today where I discuss how a jutsu would be add, how it would be used, and how it would be obtained Of course, I am not very expert in this and my goal is no more than giving ideas that can be improved and then added to nin online. WHAT IS HIRAISHIN. first you have to know what the hiraishin is, I doubt that someone here does not know it, but in short words the hiraishin jutsu of the flying thunder god, is a space time jutsub, which allows you to teleport from one place to another in a matter of seconds seeing it this way it is basically a boby flicker added to a kunai, and with greater distance.but to know how it would be added, you have to pause and analyze the jutsu, the jutsu is nothing more than a seal and where this seal is, one can teleport, so in the first level of jutsu one should only have a seal and to be able to place it in a place, this seal will only last there 3 min then it will disappear, in these 3 min you can use the jutsu again and teleport you to the place where the seal is ITS OPERATION AND LEVELS. so in the first level of jutsu you only need to have a stamp and to be able to place it in one place, this stamp will only last 3 minutes and then it will disappear, in these 3 minutes you can use the jutsu again and teleport to the place where the stamp is. in the second level we should be able to apply it to objects, or rather kunais these kunais are launched and have a range of at least 10, before stopping, we can launch up to 2, in lv 3 we can already launch up to 3 kunais. That would be the operation and is subject to change, now we go with the disadvantages, I know that this jutsu is broken, the power to escape certain death is incredibly broken and even unfair but for that the restrictions. DISADVANTAGES massive chakra expenditure, this technique can not be used lightly in combat or used when you want without consequences so the expense will be even more than a summon, I speak of 115 chakra per use, it is somewhat high but it is necessary , that for every time we teleport to a kunai, it will also have a cooldown for each 7-second teleportation. all this in lv3 the jutsu in 1 the expense would be 90 chakra, and 20 seconds of cooling, lv 2 would be 100 and 12 seconds. HOW IT WILL BE OBTAINED AND CLASSIFIED As for the degree, it would be s rank, almost yes, but I think that the massive expenditure of chakra and the infringement stop it. somewhere and that we find this scroll could also be read from lv40 to 50, I think it would give the game much more versatility and strategy to have to think I attack or spend my chakra and escape, or I also take advantage of this and apply hiraishin plus some jutsu to immobilize, I do not think that a few more adjustments to this idea or even creating your own base would make this technique balanced. Well, here is my post, I hope you liked it, if you have an idea published below, I know it is difficult to balance a game with so many techniques but together we can, later I will remake the sennin mode following this structure, and if they have any Another technique idea or jutsu also publish it.
  7. Blastcore

    [suggestion] Instance Missions Well, this suggestion is about doing missions in separated generated map instances. It would be something like this: Player (With his group in case there's one.) talks to the Mission Guy selecting any of the available missions.After selecting the mission, player (and it's group, in the case there's one.) will be teleported to a new (or used map instance in case it's empty) generated map instance just for them.Then the process of doing the mission would be the same as you do always. It would avoid kill stealing, and also, if there's a lot of people doing the same mission as you, map would be full of people making it a bit annoying. It would also make group missions (in case they're added) way better. ---------- Instead of deleting the map when players have finished the mission, it could be used by other people.(It'd avoid creating more maps, and it would just need to set the NPCs, sort of a restart.)
  8. Aido's Suggestion Log #1 The Konoha Village Hello everyone, this is just a Suggestion Log to help the Developers by suggesting detailed plans on the forum to help the Developers.So hear me out all the way, I have basically organized this log very well, like I will do with any other Suggestions Log I do, so it's possible to come back and view this Log as pleased. I plan on making up to two to three a week based on what the Administrator need. The Konoha Village Preview This is a preview of the Leaf Village based on the Anime.. Things you notice is how close most of the buildings are in the populated areas I guess you can say near the Hokage Building, there's a building on top of the Hokage Monument which is an Archive Library, a main road which is a trail from the Konoha Main Entrance to the Hokage Building. The Konoha Village Map These are Several Maps of the Konoha Village that I found on Google, hopefully you will start to think more about the village after you see them too. Notice how some state where some of the Clan Neighborhoods are located. The Locations in the Village Here are a couple of Buildings that should be included into the Konoha Map varying from Mandatory Buildings like Hospital and Ninja Academy to stuff that hasn't even been though of like Ninja Tool Weapon Shop. Gate Entrance (Main Gate, Minor Left Gate, Minor Right Gate)Hokage MonumentNinja AcademyIchiraku RamenHokage MansionJounin Standby StationYamanaka Flower ShopHot SpringsAviaryHospitalCemeteryArchive LibraryVarious Training GroundsVarious Division Headquarters (ANBU, Police Force, Intelligence)Ninja Tool Weapon ShopMelee Weapon ShopTrap Mastery Weapon ShopArmor ShopClothing ShopHair SaloonVarious Dining-In RestaurantsApartmentsVarious Clan NeighborhoodsUchiha Hyuuga Akimichi Nara Aburame Senju Sarutobi Yamanaka Shimura Hatake InuzukaThe Preview of the Konoha Village These are several different views of the Konoha Village to learn how to construct the village. Well, that's all for this Suggestion Log! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow or the day after. Remember, these are daily suggestion logs, but i'm still trying to think of what else could be included in this MMORPG, so it might not become a frequent ordeal. If any Developer wants me to do any specific categories you are welcome to ask me via Skype Messenger. Regards, Aido