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Found 2 results

  1. ana primal

    The top teir list of players imo since i started playing it a big boi list if i missed anything tell me Light: wm/light: enver,hasan,ryutekzu water/light: baller earth/light: yamikami medic/light: sparkzz and static wind/light: vipe the "I've been holding that crown for way too long" fire/light: prime time kage term vali tai/light: emiya or zoomy intwm/light: toska the thicc queen gf/light:old chad boi ikage buuble/light: ahhaahhahaha never gone happen . wm strenght: pure: prime time woo/shissei nd redrum. wm/earth: rai wm/light : enver,hasan,ryutekzu. wm/water: ego boosted feinz wm/fan: judge wm/wind: tetsuya alt ;-; wm/fire: jero(all you fake bitches with 25 int dont count) wm/gf: flicker, old boi midnight wm/medic: blackrain wm/tai:no idea wm/bubble: amatizu int wm: wm/light int :toska(marry me ori ;-;) wm/wind: ninja wm/medic: kpop taka alt chick sana somethingi dont know wm/earth: woo pass his prime wm/fire: woo pass his prime wm/fan: yeah never saw that and we most likely wont wm/buuble: no clue . wm/water: no idea kvaset was the only onei know hahahaha wm/tai : never saw one wm/gf:never seen a one gf: gf pure: virgin flicker gf/wm : virgin flicker , old boi midnight gf/light: chad ikage gf/water :virgin sakashi or something gf/tai :chad boi ikage that man played it well gf/wind: virgin luhan gf/fire: virgin lvhan gf/earth: hybrid gf/medic: sava primetime earth: earth pure: raws alt earth/light: chad yamikami earth/gf: vrigin hybrid earth/water: ichika or hawt earth/fire: dayum, zabu earth/wind : king i killed + 6k ppl dona earth/fan: some taka alt earth/medic: antar or kyoho earth/buuble: no clue earth/tai: dont know tai: tai/medic : zoomy tai/light: zoomy or emiya tai/water: macdom tai/gf: old chad ikage tai pure :always raw and flicker tai/wind: sadly liongod (dont boo me he is the only one out there) tai/earth: nobody. tai/fire: dont know some taka alt i guess tai/wm int : none tai/fan/: raitou tai/buuble: no clue water: water/light: chad baller water/wm strenght : ego boosted feinz water/wind: chad dairuto,ryujin,hunt ( ainz once he learn to play without plus 100 damage per jutsu ;-;) water/earth: ichika and hawt. water/fire: CHAD PRIME TIME GO BACK TO IT ZABU nobody else only zabu made that masttery look meta and good water/fan: nobody water/tai: macdom water/buuble: nobody water/gf: sakashi guy or something water/int wm: no honest idea i only remeber kvaset fire: fire/light: vali prime time kage term fire/earth: zabu or dayum fire/wind: lumy fire/water: CHAD PRIME TIME CO BACK TO IT ZABU fire/gf: virgin lvhan fire/tai: most like a taka alt or something fire/wm. jero fire/int wm: woo pass his prime fire/fan: donatello for like 2 weeks before he reset fire/medic: angi he(he raped zabu in that video so god dam hard) fire/buuble. let jsut ignore it at this point buuble isnt loved. wind int: wind/light: vipe "I've been holding that crown for way too long" wind/water : chad dairuto,ryujin,hunt ( ainz once he learn to play without plus 100 damage per jutsu ;-;) wind/earth: king who killed 6 k ppl dona wind/fan:nobody wind/fire: lumy wind/tai: sadly liongod wind/gf: virgin luhan wind/medic: memsky wind pure: nobody fan: pure fan: kazane fan/wm: judge fan/light: no clue fan/water; nobody fan/earth: taka alt fan/medic: lumy fan/fire: donatello for 2 weeks before he reseted fan/tai: raitou buuble: pure buuble: quilp medic/buuble balcoin wm strenght/buuble: amatizu Medic: pure chakra medic: sanshouo ,ruby,mana medic/fan: lumy medic int pure: no clue medic/light: sparkzz and static medic/water: aghila then boo medic/earth: antar or kyoho medic/int: kpop taka chick medic/wm : black rain medic/fire: agni medic/gf: sava in his prime medic/wind :memsky medic/tai: zoomy medic/buuble: balcoin non mastery: roei summoning mastery : me i got most suck it .
  2. Was bored made an org tier list, have fun with it. 19 Orgs to rank :). If you make your tier list consider posting it up in the comments and lemme know of any other orgs you want added. The Link: Have a good day.