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Found 10 results

  1. I just wanna say happy new year to all (except the opps ofc) but i am here to bring to light some issues and solutions to how melee in this game nin is. Traditionally melee is the same 2 punches and a kick plain as day i propose a change to that and here it is: Gentle Fist: when pressure point is activated or (pp for short) the stance of attacking with melee should change Instead of having this charge thing to show we activating it mind that can be cancelled by cc and the cooldown resets or by even moving... i propose a visual method of a symbol shown above and the melee animation should change as well to a more finger piercing style like this and the gentle fist melee should take chakra in my opinion like 1 -2 chakra a punch or sum man to really separate it from agi users Chakra Scaples As chakra medics only i repeat only!!! offensive jutsu i think and truly belive the fighting stance should be changed when its active to more like a slashing type attack and it should add bleeding % or some sot of life steal to help early lvling to be a bit easier since the two paths were separated speaking of separated i do also think that we need more of a clear way to show new players that the paths are separated so a notice or slash on medic icon would be a really nice quality of life for people who dont know . Swords i think the same for sword its the same animation for ever single sword in the game i propose that bandit sword / shirokata have unique stances and melee animation like sword jabs , better slashing effects, scythe as well i also think swords should have a perks eg" bandit blade does bonus dmg to mobs or some and shirokata passive chakra gain should be revamped because its not optimum at all should jsut give a flat chakra buff and have a perk that poison or does bonus dmg to snakes or some like that just throwing ideas scythes as well should do bleed or have a 1 tile aoe spin ever 3 melees again just throwing ideas this would make grinding much less boring with the same animations over and over for hours.. upon hours because these items well no items are easy to acquire in nin so at least these minor changes should give us the players who had to grind them feel some sense of like worth instead of farming them for cosmetics.. Conclusion Nin is a good game has its problems like any other game , i enjoy it , but it gets stale having to see the same fighting animations for every single mastery or weapon its really does get stale so this is just my opinion and many other players as well i hope that the devs will work on this in the future or even allow us the players to create them if its too much work for them idk but yea hopefully one day we can get some diverse stance animations to nin to spice up the combat.
  2. Eye

    Eye 2

    My 1st costume :)
  3. Eye

    Good Evening. GM.Ueda, can i request can you put a navigation map guide in the NIN ONLINE games. because like me a newbie i always lost in the map. i hope my request granted.
  4. Hasan

    Shirokata is a 100 str req sword but still slower and worse than religious katana (70 str sword) and there is only 7 dmg diff between them. It should get attack speed buff cause or else it doesnt worth to farm it or give 100 str for it....
  5. Hair and Clothes
  6. I have an idea for a weekly war event that will give raiding/ sneaking into enemy villages a meaning for high level players. The Economic Weekly Information War! Ninjas have to capture economic information of enemy villages( trade routes, suppliers, ect...) in the form of a "Economic Information Scroll"(EIS). 1) Every village will have a 1 information scroll sealed by a barrier/ locked in a vault . Or actively being taken or returned at all times. a) The Economic Information Scroll will be locked/sealed with a barrier seal. b) The Barrier Seal will require 1 of your own village's EIS to decipher and break the enemies seal. c) It takes 30-60 secs to decipher the Barrier seal , while holding your own village's EIS. d)Upon EIS capture. All Ninjas of that village will receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Stolen! WARNING! 2) Scroll Deciphering a) It will take 1800 seconds to decipher the EIS without reaching 0 health, back in your own Villages designated deciphering location. b) Leaving the designated decipher location while deciphering will reset 1800 deciphering timer. c) Before deciphering can begin, you must have at least 2 EIS in your inventory. d) Upon enemy EIS deciphering start. All ninja of that village receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Is Being Decoded By ________(enemy village name)! WARNING!" The warning will repeat every 5 minutes until coding is stopped or successful. 3)Economic Information scrolls. *EIS* a) EIS drop at 0 health. b) Dropped EIS can be picked up by any Ninja. c)Dropping a EIS ( reaching 0 Health while holding scrolls) will reset all code deciphering timers to 1800 seconds. d) Dropped EIS (while not picked up) have a 90 second timer before re-spawning back at their Barrier seal vaults or spawn points. e) EIS that re-spawn will give all Ninjas of that village a global message saying " Notice! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Returned! Notice!" f) EIS have a time limit before they automatically re-spawn (Time Limit TBD) 4) Scoring Info points, winning the weekly war, awards and requirements. a) Upon successful Economic Information Scroll deciphering. The Village will be awarded 1 Info point. b) The Ninja and Squad members will get to pick 5000 ryo ,150,000 exp, each for completing the scroll decipher. c) To cross the seal and take your own village's EIS you're required to be lvl50 and have a full squad. Or be the Village's Hokage.(squad/ team members DO NOT have to be same village) d) "Economic Information Espionage SS Mission" is a timed Mission(Time Limit TBD) & can only be active/ held by ONE full squad/ team(The Deciphering Team) from each village at a time. (Other ninja can help or tag along ) e) Villages win "The Economic Information War" by having the most points at the end of the week. f) Villages members that win '"The Economic Weekly Information War" receive a 1.5x bonus to ryo gained from missions and a 250 ryo ticket for the week . Tickets can be sold at any shop. g) the 250 ryo ticket awarded by Winning "The Economic Weekly Information War" drops when reaching 0 health and can be picked up by any Ninja. I think this would bring a new aspect to Nin Online... But lets talk about it.
  7. Fuinha

    I think most of the community is concerned with whether or not their mastery will have a combination, or whether their combination will be exclusive to a village or not. I believe that it is possible to solve this problem with the suggestions that will be made in this topic. Masterys will be divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Combined Mastery, so you don't have to worry about whether your mastery will have a combination or not. T1 > Basic Jutsus (The jutsus that are already in the game) T2 > fire advanced, earth advanced, wind advanced, water advanced etc… T3 > T2 Adv + Upgrades Combination > Wood, Sand, Ice Etc ... To make it very clear, the Adv jutsus of T2 will be as good as the Adv Jutsus of combination, this is just a matter of the player's choice. If your mastery doesn't have a combination you can still choose Fire, Earth, Water, Wind etc to advance to T2. Example 1: Earth + Water from Mist T2 (Adv Earth) + T1 (Water) or T1 (Earth) + T2 (Adv Water) If your mastery has a combination you have more choice. Example 2: Earth + Water from Leaf T1 (Earth) + T1 (Water) + Combination (Wood) or T2 (Adv Earth) + T1 (Water) or T1 (Earth) + T2 (Adv Water) If you wanted to be purely a fire user you need to choose the fire element again at level 50. So you can get the T3 from fire, but you wouldn't have the jutsus from a second mastery. Users who chose to follow only 1 elements would not be supported by a second mastery to combine their jutsus, so in T3 they will receive buffs in their basic jutsus. Example 3: Earth T3 Earth T3 would have the same Jutsu as Adv Earth T2 but its basic jutsus will receive modifications. Earth Prision> Earth Prision now deals crush damage per second Earth Spike> Earth Spike now causes severe bleeding damage Of course, these are just examples and all jutsus would be modified or buffed in tiles, damage, CDs etc.
  8. Noroime Tate

    Hello guys , i come with idea on rework for clone jutsu Clone Jutsu was only cosmetic or in better option was working on same principle like cloak :/ but with bubble clone comes hope. How you know bubble clone works like summoning pet , he attacking enemy wich Is targeted so.. here i come with idea where Clone will attacking like bubble clone but with much less power , i mean this: Clone Jutsu You can make a clone what dealing 10 base damage ( scaled with intellect ) clone has only 25 hp (on max level 35 hp). Multi clone dont Will be exist anymore but clone jutsu Will be more useful at Battle or griding. Please think about it , try do best for bring back clone jutsu to the game. (Gif from nin online Wiki)
  9. Noroime Tate

    Hello and welcome on my topic. Dear Ueda , me And my mates from Ukiyo clan with support all people from clan made this hat , you probably know it. again i wanna ask you if you can add it for our clan, sure after your work on nin online new server. I dont want Force you add it right now but all clan was excited about hat
  10. I was wondering if you guys could add robes and hair (mainly the hair) based on Kimimaro "Bone Ninja" to the cash shop? Even if they're a limited time item or something like that. I'll contribute $50(not much I know) to the funding of the labor. I'm clearly not a pixel artist but maybe something like this.