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Found 5 results

  1. Dear Ninja, We've come down hard on language in the past few months, I want to take a moment to remind you all what our stance is on language and a few things that will get you in trouble along with what we wont be doing anymore. 4. Abusive Behavior - Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.). If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity. This is not to be mistaken with using swear words within a roleplay context. Eg. "Fuck the Leaf, I'm going to kill them all!" It is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who PMs him victims and calls them a little bitch etc. In the same way it is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who abuses exploits and uses hacks and 3rd party programs or your in-character RP character is somebody who has the power to automate his training by turning off his mind through bots. Eg. of an out-of-character insult "bitch nigga fml your mom" Eg. of an In-character insult "You fight like a bitch" I don't think anyone takes offence to words as heavy as this community, that being said we will NOT be accepting reports regarding one worded insults unless felt necessary. One worded insults like "You're a Dog, Pussy, You're Shit, Bitch, ETC..." will be considered low toxicity until they're met with further insults of the same kind or nature. Insults like "Kys" or insults/threats to irl situations are and will always be punishable by Bans, Perm Bans and IP Bans. In other games we've all been on both sides and its all fun and banter but you have to remember this is a community and we expect you to follow our Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of which you agreed to upon creating your account. As always thank you for reporting in general, it does help keep our community working and growing with each wave of new players. We want you to have your own unique experiences playing NinOnline, but we dont want you to do so at the expense of another players experience. Past reports until now will remain, this stance takes place here and hereafter today, 03/31/2021 Thank you for your time! Erox
  2. This is a Summary of the first Military Police Summit. With Mist Military Police Force, Leaf Military Police Force and Sand Military Police Force in Attendance. The initial idea of the Summit was to bring forward ideas to improve the current Military Police Force Organizations. I will list all of the Suggestions that were presented during the Summit as well was the Solutions that were agreed upon or the conclusion to the talks. Topic 1: Genin are unable to use the Jail Jutsu. After a lengthy discussion and multiple suggestions being presented. All 3 Chiefs agreed it would be best to place the Jail Jutsu based on Title in the Organization instead of Rank in the Village. Chief, Deputy Chief and Captain ranks should be able to use Jail Jutsu regardless of Village Rank. Topic 2: Lack of Buff for the Organization. A lot of good ideas were presented here as well. Arm band with a buff, Badge with a buff, Adding a buff onto the clothing all came up. But Ultimately all 3 Chiefs agreed a passive buff in the Village Territory should be applied. Leaf's Territory is everywhere around the Village down to Dark Bridge. Sand's Territory is everywhere around the village until Katabami Bridge. Mist's Territory is everywhere on the island until Land of Water Port. Topic 3: Additional Item/Jutsu. The Mist Chief Kyoho suggested a Tazer or Baton, or a restraining Jutsu. Sand Chief and Leaf Chief shut the idea down and Disagreed to it. The consensus was that the Jail Jutsu is fine as it is. However it would be nice if the Jail Jutsu unmasked people and the Prisoner could not put a mask on while Jailed. Topic 4: Accountability and Record Keeping. The Suggestion presented was to allow the board in the Military Police Office Building to be intractable, To be permanent records for Military Police Members to be able to access. The board will be record of everyone Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned, and who Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned Them (Including if they escaped Jail). When someone is Jailed, or escapes Jail an Announcement would appear. Similar to Zoomy was Jailed by Pyrox or Pyrox Escaped Jail and Left the Village. This will stop Military Police Force members from being able to abuse, and they can keep a record of who was made rogue or brought back into the Village. X was Exiled By (Kage) X was Pardened by (Kage) X was Jailed by (Police Force Member) X Escaped from Prison and Left the Village Jail logs and the announcement should also ignore masks for the sake of Record Keeping and Police clarity. Topic 5: Redesign of Police Uniform. All 3 Police Chiefs agreed this needs to happen. A lot of great ideas were thrown around but the main Solution was to have a Male version with full Pants, and a Female version with a skirt. The colors for all the villages should be changed to: Dark Blue for Leaf Males Pink for Leaf Females Brown for Sand Males Red for Sand Females Light Blue for Mist Males Dark Purple for Mist Females Topic 6: Build in Payment / Salary System. Leaf Village and Sand Village both already had their own payment system within their Organization. Mist suggested a Daily Mission where they Patrol their Village for 100 Ryo, However the Summit had gone on for awhile, and it was agreed to talk about a solution to this another time. If anyone would like to add to this, or give more suggestions please feel free to add a comment on this subject. Thank you all, to all the Military Police Members who attended the Summit. I'm glad that all 3 Police Forces were able to Discuss these issues and I hope we can continue to work together to make the Organization have more meaning.
  3. Dear Ninja, As many of you may know, I am the new Community Manager of Nin Online, and with that I will be continuously doing my best to improve the community by working with the Administrators and my fellow Game Masters, Moderators, and of course you guys, the community. It is an honor to be able to help improve a community I've been a part of for years now. Now, let's get to the good news! I will be releasing Community Updates/Newsletters about once a month or twice a month depending on how busy the month ends up being for our community and team. The updates will serve as a way to explain to you what's going on in the community and what you can do to be a part of it, and hopefully provide a way for the community to interact with me and other community staff. Forum Contribution Posts We'd like to continue to promote the use of our forums by bringing your attention to an opportunity you can take if you contribute helpful content for the community. Pinned Posts, Forum Contribution, etc. We'd love to see players contributing more and more to the forum through the addition of helpful guides, fan-made projects, etc. We have seen a few recent ones such as @Niti's Official Item Value List and @Origami Heart's Nin Online Beginner Guide. These posts help the community a lot, and are generally worth featuring to our community. So if you come up with a bright idea for something that you could contribute to the community and maintain, we'd love to see it, and if we believe it will truly make the lives of our players easier, we will feature it, and if it's important enough, you could even receive Silver Ninja for the contribution. Discord & Village Chats The Official Nin Online Discord has been an unreliable source for villages to communicate privately and confidently up to this point, making the villages resort to other methods (which is 100% fine), however we want to obviously promote the use of our Discord for village use so that all members of the village who make use of our Official Discord can interact with the Kage and other villagers. We're not saying to stop using your alternative methods, but that this is a fix to make the village chats more reliable and useful for village leaders. With this new update, we'd like to improve all of that, make the Discord feel more useful to our village officials, and give you guys more options when it comes to the village sections on our Discord. We also have heard you about moderation, and village channels now have a dedicated Discord Moderator assigned so that they may peer-moderate your village's channel. Moderation will not be as strict in the village sections to allow for roleplay, but they will be treated the same, such as any OOC offenses can still be moderated. (Not all staff members/moderators will have access to your village channels, only if they belong to that village.) Village Categories Instead of just having the three different channels, we are going to give the Leaf, Sand, and Missing villages a whole category to themselves. The only people who can access each category will be the assigned village members (you can request a Game Master or Moderator to move you into your village role). Each Kage and Council Member will be assigned a role which will give them access to post in the Village Announcements channel and Kage will get access to a channel to contact Game Masters or Administrators. Then, of course, each village will have it's own Voice Lobby which will now be restricted to village ninja only. More voice channels may be requested if the Kage believes it is not enough. Village Announcements This is where the Kage and Council Members can post announcements for their village, only the Kage and Council Members can type and send messages. Village-specific events may also be announced here by Game Masters. Missing Ninja will have no announcements channel as they do not have an affiliation. Village Discussion This is a discussion area for all of the village members. Village Voice Lobby This is a simple voice channel that is now 100% exclusive to people with the village role. If more voice lobbies are needed, we can work something out! Village Roles Kage - This role is only assigned to the Kage of each village. Missing will have no Kage. Council Member - These are the official members of each village's council. Leaf Villagers - Leaf Village Players Sand Villagers - Sand Village Players Missing Ninja - Exiled/Rogue Ninja Village Role Placement In order to receive your role for your village you need to request it in the #support channel on Discord by posting your Nin Online profile link to prove your village status. Beyond this, Kage may decide your role change depending on if you do not belong in that village or have been exiled/gone missing. The Game Masters will do their best to ensure people are being responded to so that we can have accurate role placement for this new update. Event Updates & Plans These past couple of months, you may have noticed we have recruited a few Game Masters. With this increase of In-Game staffing, we hope to see a lot more events and community interaction. We are doing our best to provide consistent events, and even some surprise events. We also want you to know that we are constantly trying to get feedback to improve our events and trying to figure out what events work and when to host them. We understand that for quite some time, events have been very cruel to some timezones. We want you to know we are doing our best to figure out what time works for most of our players without asking players to make sacrifices for certain events. As we increase the amount of events, we will use trial and error to determine what works and what doesn't. Your concerns have been heard, and we are going to work to improve! Holiday Events As the year goes, we would like to host as many holiday-specific events as possible, as they are easiest events to decide on. However, Holiday events can be quite difficult as we want to implement items, updates, and more to accommodate for these events. We hope to be able to do this every holiday, and maybe even add more as we go. Aside from recognized holidays, we also want to host some Ninja World specific events, which we don't want to spoil too much right now, but more information on events like these will be arriving in the coming weeks. These are events that may not be holidays to us, but for Nin Online, they will be scheduled in accordance to the yearly calendar to provide more exciting content for you to enjoy. Weekly & Bi-Weekly Events As you have noticed, @Kanno has begun a Bi-Weekly PvP tournament event and @Jessica (myself) has started Weekly Community Events. These events are being implemented to provide consistent events throughout the month. We'd also like to start having Game Master hosted Roleplay Events, which are events where Game Masters will direct a roleplaying session. A big one we do that everyone is aware of is the Chunin Exams, however, those can only happen so often, so we'd like to host smaller events that can happen weekly to bi-weekly. We hosted one last weekend called Village Invasion, and it turned out really well. We saw a lot more players online, and people seemed to roleplay very well. So with that cooperation, we'd be more than happy to host more events similar to this such as Village Invasions, Village Escort Missions, Village Recovery Missions, etc. As we develop plans for these events, we will release announcements for when they will be held. Upcoming Events If you are not aware yet, the 4th Chuunin Exams are coming up, and we hope you can join us for them. Please click here for more information! Quality of Life Updates Merged In-Game Rules with Rules & Guidelines post. People have been having a hard time locating a rules post made by @Stephen as it was in the Discussion board, but we have merged that post's rules into the Official Rules & Guidelines post. To free up any confusion, these are the main links you should refer to for rules and ToS: Rules & Guidelines Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Monthly Chunin Exams Announced! Rory recently announced that we will finally be doing Chunin Exams monthly. This is something players have been wanting for quite some time now, and they're finally here! Monthly Chunin Exams Best Regards, Jessica
  4. Fellow Ninjas, As of today, I have joined the team behind this wonderful game as the Community Manager. As @Rory has briefed me over the past few days, the role comes with many responsibilities that will require my time and focus, which I intend to provide. My goal of this announcement is to say hello to the rest of you and step out of the shadow. I hope to work with all of you whom make up and have been deeply involved in the community. Having spent the past 24 hours reading through the forum posts; I can see that the community is filled with unique individuals who will one day become inspirational Ninjas, or a target in the Bingo book. Whichever you will be, I'm sure the new ninjas yet to join us will look up to you as such. I look forward to learning from you all and helping make the Nin Online experience as fun as possible along with the rest of the team in more ways than in the past. Despite being a staff member, I hope to remain active as a member of this community just like everyone else here. All of us here whom have been around, supporting the game's development over the years, we are all like a team, having given feedback and ideas over the years. I know that's how Rory feels as well. With Open Beta coming soon, I'd say our mission is to improve the community where it's a fun place for new players, invite people to come join us, and watch over the community as it grows into something bigger than it was. So I'm looking forward to working with you all! Thank you for taking your time to read this and once again, hey!
  5. Dear Shinobis, The forum just got a handful of new features and updates! Hidden content Use the Hide tags to conceal certain elements until the member has engaged you in the topic. This has been removed. As it was causing forum bugs! Useful BBCodes I've added these bunch of useful BBCodes, hopefully they will come in handy. I like them. This is a error! Error, your computer cannot process red. This provides information. It is pretty damn informative. This is a warning! Be warned. It is very orange. Success comes with the color green. Congratulations! You have successfully posted this Success! Rank Icons These are the forum ranks for normal members along with the sleek icon which comes with each. Newbie Member 0 Posts Junior Member 25 Posts Member 50 Posts Advanced Member 150 Posts Senior Member 300 Posts Elite Member 500 Posts Silver Shinobi Refer 50 members to the forum with your referral link. Gold Shinobi This is a donor group. Forum Gallery This is so that we can post our latest screenshots in a easy to access area, which even guests can visit. There will still be more exclusive content in the Dev Logs as compared to this gallery. You can find the gallery HERE. Referral System The forum referral system will be used for, [*]Referral Competitions [*]Silver Shinobi Rank on the forum The Silver Shinobi rank is granted to any member who refers 20 members. This seems like a high amount, but then again, that makes this badge valuable. Each referred member must be active and must make 3 posts, so no cheating. Spread the game around, tell your friends. It isn't that hard Referral CP @Mention System The forum now has a @Mention system, so if you add a "@" and say for example "Whack", the person will be tagged in your post and informed via forum notifications. This was added to add more engagement and facilitate better discussions through the forum. @Whack Time Spent on the forum We're rewarding members of the community by showcasing the people who spend the most time on the board at the sidebar. I don't know if it'll be there in the long term, but I hope it encourages more active members! I'm about done for the forum for now. Back to working on the game! Regards, Rory