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Found 10 results

  1. kirisame

    ok, before I start I want to apologize for my inglesh is not very good ... sorry. I have quite a few ideas of which I have hardly seen a response from the GMs and I think they would give more realism to the game, more dynamics and fun. 1. A long time ago it was forbidden not to make accounts as if they were "banks", why not do it as a ninonline bank? that each village (mist, sand..etc) and town (takumi, tanzaku..etc) have a structure to access it. Besides those who have gold will have more space in the bank that will make people want to pay the gold and thus benefits ninonline economically. 2. This idea was proposed but I did not see an answer to it, I sincerely think that being a police officer, anbu, anbu leader, council, Puppet Brigade, 7 Swordmen, 12 guardians ... etc need to have a certain salary every week. I think you have to remember that being in those organizations or rank is sacrificing a lot of time and has to have a certain benefit. for example, in SMPF we do every day between 2 to 3 patrols / missions of between 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum. That time should be rewarded in a certain way without leaving the pocket of the players. in the CE for example we deliver a Ryo that sincerely disappears later to make "supposed economy", why is there no economy in which Ninonline's jobs have a salary? This is the idea that I would most like to see approved. 3. I would also like to comment that it would not be a bad thing to add a type of buff to the police clothing since on many occasions we have to face akatsuki or 7 swordmen or 12 guardians within the territory of the village (sand / leaf / mist). The boost I suggest is to add +5 Fortitude (50 hp) on the cap and +5 chakra (25 chk) on the police jacket. It is not a big deal but it would help something and so people would like to join the organization because lately everyone wants to join the same orgs that are the ones with a boost ... that leaves the police with few members and few to recruit. I want to confirm again that some ideas were already said in the forum but I did not see a response from the GM, so I publish it again. Thank you for taking the time to read it and sorry for my English, as I said, it is not very good ... Some of the ideas that I said about how the bank could make a bank similar to the bank of the Dofus game, that prototype of a bank system is very good and not difficult to program. THANKS! @Ueda @Seth
  2. Hageshi

    Why can't players from villages and rogues be in a team? I believe that really limits us. We can't team for tournaments? We can't farm bandits/bosses together. I don't believe that's really a good idea, and is it even RP? Why can't a village ninja just join a team of rogues and go hunt with them or decide to fight his own comrades and become a criminal? @Ueda sorry but I disagree with this update.
  3. Ketzu

    Hello, it's me again! If you've met me in-game, you'll probably know that I've been talking to quite a few people, trying to understand how people feel about the places they're at in Nin. Some people love to attack others, some are much more focused on RP, some like minmaxing stats, others are just trying to hang out with their friends. Today, I had a certain question posed to me that I wanted to bring to you all. In your opinion, what's better and why: being a ninja of a village, or being a rogue ninja? Everyone is always entitled to their own opinion and thoughts, and I want to hear yours! I know that everyone may be in a different headspace, so please, try to respect other people's opinions, even if they are differing from yours. But, yeah! I want to hear your thoughts and talk about them with you! Tell me about the bonuses you get, the people you interact with, how you interact with them - what's so great about your choice? Looking forward to it!
  4. Itachi Uchiha

    Okay this has been suggested before, but I have a different idea as to how it could work in RP. With the release of a third village, I know many people who would like to defect to other locations. My idea is that if you go rogue, to wait a certain amount of time as a rogue you are no longer considered a member of your previous village and would be available for recruitment elsewhere. I was thinking of a reasonable time, and that gave me two ideas. In-game time, or real time. In real time, 3 months away from your village as a rogue sounds pretty reasonable. In-game time, 50 hours of playing as a rogue is more than enough time from a gameplay standpoint and an MMO standpoint. The way it could work would also be nice as it would give Kage a little bit more power. If you appeal to a Kage of a different village, you could be asked to be pardoned via a menu popup in-game. If you accept, you can join that village. That leads to my second suggestion as well: You should be able to accept or decline a village pardon. I know that sounds silly since most Kage's don't pardon unless you ask for it, but it also seems strange that a kage could just pardon you at any time. Just a little popup with a yes/no option would be a nice addition.
  5. Itachi Uchiha

    I’ve got a few suggestions to make the arena more entertaining and worth while: Make arena maps in villages not give BI and put a cooldown to how frequently you can enter. The issue the last time I made this suggestion is that Rory wants us to not be in a village only zone and unavailable to other players. Suggestion for time allotted: 8 people total can enter at any given time with an allotted 30 minutes to spar. After their 30 minutes is up they are transported to outside the arena entrance and must wait 30 minutes before entering again. 2nd suggestion for arena time: You are allotted a set amount of lives to respawn just like the old event HQ (Please bring that back). The number would be up for debate but I think three lives is good just for the best 2/3 matches. 1st suggestion for arena features: You can take a party of 2/3/4 with you at a time with the second option of village vs village battles. You can queue up against enemy teams from other villages also in a queue and transport to a secondary map specifically for village team deathmatch battles. Being able to see how many (But not who to avoid dodging) teams are queued and for which team size would be good as well. 2nd suggestion for arena features: An in-game leaderboard that resets with a season system. The more you play with the same team and win the higher your rank on the leaderboard rises. By being top 3 you get exclusive season based prizes for your teams. 3rd suggestion for arena features: Casual and ranked team/solo matches. Casual matches are for spars and ranked advance yourself on the leaderboard for prizes per season with a level 40 level requirement. Alt slaying would obviously be bannable. 4th suggestion for arena features: Map obstacles (Randomized?) trees to hide in, rocks to hide behind, visible snare/stun traps perhaps?
  6. Akatsuki member standing outside of the Sand Village South entrance.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  7. Fernando, Shinji and me standing on top of the Kazekage Office Building in the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  8. The South sector of the Sand Village.

    © Copyright 2013-2015 Hitspark Interactive

  9. Light

    What happens if we get lucky and there will not be a character wipe.. Can we re-stat our characters / pick new clans once theyre done? Can we change village without problem once new ones are added in?
  10. Aido's Suggestion Log #1 The Konoha Village Hello everyone, this is just a Suggestion Log to help the Developers by suggesting detailed plans on the forum to help the Developers.So hear me out all the way, I have basically organized this log very well, like I will do with any other Suggestions Log I do, so it's possible to come back and view this Log as pleased. I plan on making up to two to three a week based on what the Administrator need. The Konoha Village Preview This is a preview of the Leaf Village based on the Anime.. Things you notice is how close most of the buildings are in the populated areas I guess you can say near the Hokage Building, there's a building on top of the Hokage Monument which is an Archive Library, a main road which is a trail from the Konoha Main Entrance to the Hokage Building. The Konoha Village Map These are Several Maps of the Konoha Village that I found on Google, hopefully you will start to think more about the village after you see them too. Notice how some state where some of the Clan Neighborhoods are located. The Locations in the Village Here are a couple of Buildings that should be included into the Konoha Map varying from Mandatory Buildings like Hospital and Ninja Academy to stuff that hasn't even been though of like Ninja Tool Weapon Shop. Gate Entrance (Main Gate, Minor Left Gate, Minor Right Gate)Hokage MonumentNinja AcademyIchiraku RamenHokage MansionJounin Standby StationYamanaka Flower ShopHot SpringsAviaryHospitalCemeteryArchive LibraryVarious Training GroundsVarious Division Headquarters (ANBU, Police Force, Intelligence)Ninja Tool Weapon ShopMelee Weapon ShopTrap Mastery Weapon ShopArmor ShopClothing ShopHair SaloonVarious Dining-In RestaurantsApartmentsVarious Clan NeighborhoodsUchiha Hyuuga Akimichi Nara Aburame Senju Sarutobi Yamanaka Shimura Hatake InuzukaThe Preview of the Konoha Village These are several different views of the Konoha Village to learn how to construct the village. Well, that's all for this Suggestion Log! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow or the day after. Remember, these are daily suggestion logs, but i'm still trying to think of what else could be included in this MMORPG, so it might not become a frequent ordeal. If any Developer wants me to do any specific categories you are welcome to ask me via Skype Messenger. Regards, Aido