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  • Lover's Quarrel (Asoki) Level 27


    An interesting story focusing on the couple Renma and Nori who happen to be in a heated quarrel. Can you help them solved it? You can pick up this mission at the Asoki port village.



    How does a ninja navigated the complexities of love?


    Help Nori and Renma solve a lover's quarrel.

    Option 1: If you tell Nori that Renma has appologized about calling her a hoe, Nori will accept it but it's not enough.

    Option 2: If Renma wants to appologize about forgetting their anniversary, he will ask you to go find a rare flower located on the Edge of Fire North-West of here, near the Cursed Cave. (If this is done successfully you will complete the mission with bonus EXP)

    Option 3: If you tell Renma that Nori called him a womanizer it will not progress the mission, but at least you can make him quit drinking, I hope...