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      Fixed the following bugs

      These will only go live some time tomorrow

      NPCs have a tendency to wander left and upwards at the moment, this has been resolved.


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      Some changes to Village NPC Jonin

      Jonin Guard NPCs now can run

      Jonin Guard NPCs now only spawn every 10 minutes if killed, giving more meaning to killing them.

      Jonin Guard NPCs now have 12 range across the board instead of previously inconsistent numbers for each (some 12, some 20)

      Killing Jonin Guard NPCs now grants 3000 XP

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      Fix NPC Walk Animations (didn't work quite right yesterday)

      Fixed Chakra Steal and Life Steals against players not working

      More bug fixes to A* Pathfinding method

      (Hopefully) Fixed bug causing NPCs to not move for awhile

      Fixed Snake Poisons and probably more cases of NPC's debuffs not working right

      Fixed the visual bugs posted here

      Fixed Takumi Seals mission bugging out for players
      You'll still need to be manually debugged if you are already bugged


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      NPCs Movement Rework

      NPCs can now Run if enabled
      Art will be required to make this word with certain enemies, for the time being we'll keep it disabled for most, but we'll look into slowly making bosses & other enemies run to give added challenge for higher level players. There's still more to be done here, but this is the start of running for enemies, smarter bosses etc.

      A* Pathfinding (for select NPCs)
      Pathfinding is still relatively expensive performance wise, but we will use this for bosses and monsters that should be smarter like human enemies.

      New Wandering
      Wandering NPCs (without targets) will no longer wander tile by tile randomly but walk to a small distance randomly. In the future we might add patrolling NPCs for villages!

      NPCs moving tile to tile is now smoother
      Animation plays in the right order, not constantly moving the same hand and leg forward. And the interpolation between tiles is now smoother.


      Disabled experimental new Friends UI

      Fixed visual bug here


      Clear Stuns, Snares, Debuffs & Buffs off newly spawned Mobs/NPCs/Enemies

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