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    • June 2023 Promotions

      Leaf Village

      Jonin: @Merciful @Don Tormenta @Atari
      Chunin: @Kaayn @SovranFire @Toshin @Recycle
      Specialized Jonin: @Dora For exceptional battle strategy

      Sand Village

      Jonin: @Qadim @Bandit @Ohta
      Chunin: @Arcana @Fox @Katastrophe @Mr Nitche @God Scooby


      Mist Village

      Jonin: @Reality @SoulHunter
      Chunin: @UndyingKlaus @Jelly
      Specialized Jonin: @Zenin For outstanding leadership

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    • Version 4.4.2h Client Released with the following changes



      Send Ryo in Mail
      Mail is taxed by 5% when sent via mail


      Set OpenGL version to 3.1 instead of using higher versions as some players have old graphics cards which don't support newer versions still
      This might help users whom can't run the game due to OpenGL errors.

      Fixes to notifications
      (Hopefully) Fixed the issue where they were invisible sometimes

      • Fixed [X] Buttons not working
      • Increase width slightly
      • Crop texts better

      (Hopefully) Fix SPartyUpdate error spam in logs
      Escape Menu no longer flickers positions on first appearing

      (Hopeful, Experimental) Clicks sometimes double clicking fix
      Fix Friends/Block Menu not being able to type names
      Fix to buffs with missing buff icons hanging game
      Anti-Multiclient Fixed
      Notification Messages Translatable
      Changed position of Abandon Button on Mission Log

      (GM/Admin) Added shortcuts to Quick Warps
      (Admin) Added "Start Mission" Section in Admin Menu
      (Admin) Added Faint command in Admin Menu
      (Admin) Added Shutdown/Restart Server commands in Admin Menu

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    • PatchnoteFeaturesHeader.png.cb804e75c3da7a4e81a4bcaf546ecd6d.png.1477a5ae2419bed77fe06f7c7eeba9de.pn-b362490745425017eea36c.png.ea19db6fc394bc5de8a0caea87bf9d95.png.a1681a9bdf71d34169dce63dd851f6fc.png


      Added Buttons for Hotkey Pages on Hotbar
      This has always been in the game, but without buttons on the hotbar, a lot of people didn't know you could swap between hotbar pages with the ` key.



      For most people, client start up should no longer be an issue.
      As far as I can tell, map loading should no longer be an issue.
      Fixed NPC version of Blank Scroll Enchanting causing client to crash
      Fixed dialogue choices with % in them causing crashes

      (Experimental, Hopeful) Fix for UI sometimes double clicking when only clicked once
      Improve Friends System to work if players change names
      Adding/Removing Friends is snappier
      Friends Window tabs now highlight properly depending on which tab you are in
      Clamp hair dye menu and set position on first open at center of screen
      Fixed Target Window appearing for the first time behind chatbox
      Fixed Target Window causing screen to go dark if your NPC target is deselected
      Consistent position of [X} button on Target Window
      Gave Target Window Health Bar a bar background
      Target Window no longer changes sizes when health decreases
      Fixed Team HUD setting leader and kicking wrong player
      Team HUD no longer appearing for the first time behind chatbox
      Mute Sound checkbox in settings now immediately mutes all sounds instead of waiting them to run their course
      Right-click menu "Whisper" renamed to "PM" to stay consistent with the rest of the game
      Right-click rotate character now sets it for everyone, not just you (Regression in new client update)

      (Hopefully) Fixed Enemy Battle Music causing client to hang in rare occasions
      Fixed White Hanzo Mask causing weapons to render wrongly
      Fixed House Guest Book unable to type special charactes
      Fixed Mist village broken event leading to empty City of Joy map
      Fixed Bears spawning in water area on a certain map
      Fixed Bell item being sent to plays via mail if their inventory is full
      Fixed name of Horny Beasts missions - renamed to Horned Beasts
      Fixed Animation/Hitbox of Bubble Spray Technique to match Jutsu's art
      Removed Random box in wall of Hokage Room
      Fixed exploitable tile in outskirts of Takumi (bees map) to charge chakra on water
      Fixed minor text errors with Lv 20 Quest Line NPC

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    • PatchnoteFeaturesHeader.png.cb804e75c3da7a4e81a4bcaf546ecd6d.png.1477a5ae2419bed77fe06f7c7eeba9de.pn-b362490745425017eea36c.png.ea19db6fc394bc5de8a0caea87bf9d95.png.a1681a9bdf71d34169dce63dd851f6fc.png

      We've updated the client to use .NET 6 up from .NET Framework 4.7.2

      Nin Online no longer relies on .NET Framework 4.7.2 and it's runtimes to be ran on your computer. It's now using .NET 6 and as a Self-contained App. Meaning you won't need to install the runtimes for it to run on your Windows PC. .NET Framework 4.7.2 was released in 2018 and although it has no End support date from Microsoft, Nin Online is here to stay for the long run, so being on modern technology is always a bonus.

      This should bring about performance benefits on top of giving us a better development environment and making Cross-platform more possible.

      We've also upgraded from SFML Portable 2.5.0 to CSFML 2.5.2, our Input/Rendering Library.
      We've also updated ImGUI .NET to latest version 1.89.5.
      We've also updated OpenTK to latest version, should be one less barrier to Mac OS client now

      All User Interfaces moved to new UI System

      Main HUD

      Bingo Book

      • You can drag the columns and expand them
      • Rotate characters with your mouse


      • With new and improved Right Click Menu and Drop Prompts

      Jutsu UI


      • Stats and Info in separate tabs
      • Hovering Stats explains Blue/Red stat colors
      • Unified Proficiencies Menu into a Tab in there
      • Dragging Items into Equipment Slots now work
      • Right-clicking Equipment Slots now unequips
      • Equipment Slots can now be hovered for Item Details
      • Hover Mastery Icons to see name of Mastery

      Mastery Selection


      • Drag into shop to sell
      • Double click items to buy/sell
      • Right click menus now with more functionality


      • Right click menu for amounts

      Team/Party HUD

      • Now movable


      • Uses new unified Item/Jutsu Description UI system

      Login Screen

      Character Creation

      • Zooming Character Preview
      • Randomize Character Button

      Server Selection

      Others button on bottom right of screen


      NPC Dialogues

      Broadcast HUD

      World Map UI

      • Now also comes with a close button

      Mouse Cursor

      (Admin Only) Moved lighting editor to new UI System
      (Admin Only) GM and Admin Panel combined into one toolbar

      Other UI Improvements
      Chatbox UI now fades away Text Input box when not in use.
      Hovering Buffs now shows consistent Jutsu Description window.
      Mouse can be used to rotate characters on UI like Quick Login / Hair Dye
      Fixed stutter issue with Item and Jutsu Descriptions
      Fixed performance issues with Language Selection
      When Right-click PM player, show name appear in Chatbox
      Fixed storages not working in previous test client
      Chatbox can now be sorted above or under other UI like all other UI
      Broadcast Messages fade times now consistent with deltatime
      Blessing HUD no longer blocks Menu Buttons
      Character preview in Ninja Panel is rotatable with mouse
      Music mute button on login screen removed with full Settings Menu
      Login screen alerts like "You were kicked!" moved to new UI System
      Added Randomize Button in Character Creation

      New Installer

      Our installer now updated, no longer needing to install .NET Runtimes, it now installs faster as well thanks to InstallTeam's Install Maker software being used instead of InstallForge.


      (Hopefully) Fixed FPS capped players running slower than Uncapped

      Temporary notice in login screen to notify players with issues clicking UI to alt-tab and return

      Fixed ignore lists just being completely broken

      Removed Splash Screen and sped up client launch time drastically

      Thousands of lines of remnant visual basic code removed

      Lots of fixes to window/UI positioning

      Fixed Jutsu Ranks bar

      JSON reading now unified to use NewtonSoft

      Fixed Font issue with some users running out of memory (Disabled Chinese Characters for now)

      Fixed Mission Tracker issue with eg. "100/200" amounts

      Fix Minimap Toggle Keybind

      Fixed "%" in Item Descriptions

      Fixed Shop Costs displayed

      Fixed Item Rarity color in Item Description not rendering

      Fix Target Outline colors

      Fixed Fame Blessing Player not working unless they are on the same map as you (Still requires player to be online)

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